What is the best fragrance oil for candles?

Buying and gifting candles is an excellent idea for the festive season. Even though candles might seem like an easy option for a gift, there are certain things you must consider before choosing a good fragrance oil for it.

Choosing a good candle oil fragrance for your candles is a must. Make sure you have done your research well before you proceed. Here are a few good options that you can get for yourself.

Fragnance Oil Candle

Cinnamon-flavored oils

A lot of individuals are fond of strong flavors when it comes to fragrances. Nothing matches the fresh smell of ground cinnamon bark. Cinnamon oil can do wonders for scented candles and is a must-try. 

Try not to use these candles in a closed space. These are good for slightly bigger rooms, or else the fragrance comes off as too strong.

Lilac fragrance oil

If you are looking for a softer candle oil fragrance, lilac is the one for you. It will feel heavenly with the soft scent of lilac all around your living room. This fragrance works best for moderately big spaces, creating a fresh ambience.

Coffee infused oil

The smell of freshly brewed coffee has no match. There are multiple oil fragrances that have coffee infusions.

  • If you are fond of coffee, this oil will certainly help lift your mood each day.
  • It might seem a bit strong initially, but you will feel better about it with each passing day.

Vanilla and lavender oil

Again, a very common flavor, but vanilla has its perks. For those who like to stick to lighter fragrances, vanilla or lavender is a perfect choice. The amalgamation of vanilla beans and the lavender extract is a match made in heaven.

It has a softer fragrance that will linger on for a long time. It is perfect for small and cozy rooms as well as bigger ones. This is one fragrance oil that is fit for both spaces.

Musk fragrance oil

Aquatic scents always work for rooms with bigger windows and more breathable space. It is perfect for a quiet evening. It leaves a light musky scent even after the candle wears out.

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