Types Of Candle Wicks You Must Know About

Candles are one of the things that have traversed through centuries and ages. The origin of candles is unknown. Throughout centuries, candles have been considered an efficient product that is used to lighten up the house. Today, in the 21st century, though the use of candles has reduced, it is still considered a  symbol of romance, prayer, etc.

The candles have evolved with time; today, wick candles are used in various households.

Candle Wicks

How should you choose the candle wicks?

A candle burns itself only with the help of the wicks. The wicks are made with different materials. It is vital to check the type of candle wick before you purchase the candles. Here are some tips for choosing candle wicks:

  • Wick size: You should assess the size of the wick in candles. It should be long enough and should have a thickness so that it can catch fire easily.
  • Burn rate: You should check the burn rate of the candlewick. You should ask the shopkeeper about the amount of wax it consumes per hour. By that, you can understand how much longer the candle will burn.
  • Environmental design: Before you purchase the candle, you must pay heed to the burning design, i.e., check whether the candle is said to burn in a specific environment or burn in every place. The wicks of the particular environment are different as it will burn only at that time. So, you should ask the retailer about it.
  • Type of candlewick: The wick candles are available in different types, including cored wick, square braid wick, HTP wick, flatbread wick, LX wick, etc.
  • Wax consumption: The total wax consumption highly depends upon the shape and size of the candle wicks. A thick and tighter braid wick will consume less than the thin ones. Some candle wicks with different percentages of cotton will burn differently.

Even though the world has evolved, candles are still in use. Candles bring out the essence of peace, so it is still widely used worldwide. If you are planning to buy the best candles, check the wick.