Best Scented Candles for all festive moods

Candles contribute to a lot of events hosted and celebrated by humanity. Be it a religious festival or a romantic one like Valentine’s Day, candles show their importance on every occasion. Due to these candles’ immense demand and popularity, several variants also came into existence related to them. One such popular variant of candles is the scented candle. The candle scent of these candles is mesmerizing, so these scented candles are trendy in the market nowadays. This guide will surely assist people in choosing the best-scented candles for any occasion.

Best Scented Candles

Top 12 Scented Candles Available in the Market

A list of the top 12 scented candles available in the market are below:

Sweet Grace Candle

The Sweet Grace Candle comes from the extracts of tea, fruits, and patchouli. The blend of these fantastic extracts results in a heavenly smell, ideal for any occasion. Also, the candle scent has a burning capacity of almost 145 hours.

Jardin De Paris Glass Candle

Glass Candles

The Jardin De Paris Glass Candle smells like the fragrance of the blossoms of Parisian gardens. It is one of the finest candles available in the market in terms of aroma with enhanced packages. It is an ideal present for gifting someone special on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.


Goddness is an elegant and soothing scented candle prepared from the extracts of white tea, sandalwood, and jasmine. Its unique aroma can lift the aesthetic mood on a religious occasion.

Wood Fire Candles

These soothing wood fire candles smell like snowy woods during Christmas. The delicate scent of these candles is appreciated a lot by the users. These candles are ideal for holy occasions like Christmas.

Santal Minimalist Candle

Christmas Candles

The Santal Minimalist Candles are specially for users who share a special kind of affection towards nature. These candles come from cypress, sandalwood, Hinoki, and pine extracts and are cent percent of soya wax.

Candle Discovery Set

This limited edition candle discovery set comes from fig, cedarwood, and orange blossoms. They smell heavenly and are ideal for gifting to special ones. The fragrance of these candles could lift the aesthetic moods of the users completely.

New York Penthouse Champagne Candle

Champagne Glass

These candles are famous for their elegant looks and design. They scent like citrus and boast of a burning time of 90 hours. You can use them as decorative items or showpieces due to their stylish design.

Balsam Noir Candle

The fragrance of Balsam Noir Candle resembles the woody scents of fir, pine, and balsam. These candles are specially for holiday moods. The aroma of these candles would surely lift the travel moods of the users.

Boy Smells X Ganni Park Life Scented Candle

Scented Candle

The collaboration makes these candles of Boy Smells and the famous Danish-based company Ganni. The candle scent is like a cozy fragrance prepared by ginger, basil, and sageā€”the candle features in the list of top luxurious candles worldwide.

Speakeasy Luxury Candle

The packaging of this Speakeasy Luxury candle is enough to describe its elegant and luxurious candles. The candles are from the extracts of dark chocolate, palo santo, and cardamom. The soothing scent of these luxurious candles is enough to upgrade the cheerfulness of the users.

The Library Scented Candle

The library scented candles are prepared from the extracts of eucalyptus and lavender. The fragrance of these candles complements ideally with the bibliophiles. The candle scent could be an ideal present for people who have an affection for reading.

Unconditional Love Candle

The Unconditional Love candles shower a fragrance that boosts up the feeling of attraction amongst the closed ones. They are prepared from the extracts of sandalwood, amber, and rose. These candles are especially for special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

These are some of the lists of top candle scents which are available in the market. These candles will surely boost the cheerfulness and moods of the festive seasons to the next level.