Tips To Make The Most Out Of Backyard Landscaping

BackyardYour backyard landscaping needs regular care and attention to stay in its best form. No matter what the weather is, you always need to take care of your backyard garden. Here are some simple tips to make the most out of your backyard landscaping:

Take care of the key backyard landscaping elements

A perfect balance of these five key elements of a backyard makes for an aesthetically pleasing landscape:

  • Color
    The color of a backyard is the most important factor in establishing a theme and bring character to it. The variety of flowering plants and the color of other elements in the garden contribute to the color theme of backyard landscaping.
  • Texture
    Texture again depends on the variety of plants. The softness, hardness, roughness, smoothness, fineness, coarseness, and the weight of the leaves determines the texture of the landscape.
  • Line
    The line of backyard landscaping makes for the structure of that backyard. You can use flower beds, walkways, or the perimeter of the deck or patio to determine the line of your garden.
  • Form
    The shape of the plants in your backyard garden works to determine the form of the landscape. You can trim or prune bushes and overhanging branches to alter the form.
  • Scale
    Varying heights of elements and plants in the backyard determine the scale. Make sure to keep the scale in accordance with the height of your house and the yard area.

Prune your backyard garden regularly

Unwanted branches should be immediately removed as they not only hinder your path but also make your garden look wild and messy. Late winter and spring is the best time to prune all your plants.

Get rid of all weeds, thatch, and moss

All these elements compete with your garden plants for air, water, and nutrients. You can pull the weeds out with your hand or with the help of some tools. Clear all dead leaves regularly to make the backyard appear more pleasing.

Improve drainage

Backyards with poor drainage generally get waterlogged for several hours, affecting the health of the garden plants. There are factors that affect water absorption in your garden:

  • High amounts of clay in the soil
  • Layers of roots
  • Soil compaction
  • Thick areas of thatch
  • Poor topography


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