Five ways to improvise the look of your indoor garden

A home with vibrant greenery is a source of happiness and well-being. With the rising stress in our daily lives, it is good to have these tiny beings in our homes. It is convenient, pocket-friendly, and doesn’t require much space to create indoor garden.

Indoor Garden

Gardening is therapeutic. Bring some tenderness to your life by adding these leafy plants, which can act as a healthy getaway to the daily monotonous life. Plants naturally take care of your mental and physical being. They help improve the energy and vibration of any place. Refreshing your home by arranging indoor plants in a subtle yet stylish manner may work wonders when it comes to increasing your productivity, boosting creative thinking, or enhancing your cognitive abilities. Here are a few ideas that will help you improve the look and feel of your home or office.

Vertical gardens

Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are best for those who have a space crunch. As the name suggests, it requires no space on the floor and is placeable on your balcony or any boring wall. A touch of nature to any space creates a solid and pleasing treat for the eyes. Get those cute hanging plants or mosses and give your indoor a new look and feel. Enhance the room’s aesthetics, an excellent solution for limited space and urban lifestyle. 

Tip: Money plant, English Ivy, Philodendron would suit the space and fill it up with fresh new energy. 

Foliage on Any Surface 

Yes, you can use up the empty dining table surface or the bookshelf to create a beautiful view of your home. You can go for natural plants, or if you have no time or patience to grow these babies, you can opt for the faux ones. Create foliage, and voila, your space is for any occasion. 

Tip: Lucky bamboo, palms, nerve plants would change the mood of the space. 

Fancy Planters 

Fancy Plant

Go for colorful & fancy planters, curate a corner of your house with different plants. Various planters are there in the market in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The countless and most straightforward way to lighten up a space is to get a few planters and group them in your house. Group them in any variation of your liking, decorate them with colorful stones on a saucer for a beautiful upgrade. 

Tip: Snake Plant, Aloe vera, Ferns are helpful for mental and physical well-being. 

Welcome Plant

Welcome Plant

Enter your home with positive vibes and a therapeutic environment with a tall plant placed right beside your main door. These plants must be low maintenance as this space would mostly lack sunlight. They attract good health, overall well-being, adding a warm and welcoming vibe to the home. They are definitely your choice for Indoor Garden

Tip: Faux trees are great for narrow spaces like the entrance. For a living plant, bird of paradise, Tradescantia Zebrina are practical options that require low maintenance. 

The Empty Place

We all have spaces in our home and office where a small plant would look great for indoor garden. It’s time to beautify those spaces. Get a succulent for your office desk. Fill up that space or corner of your house with a vibrant plant, be as creative as you can by getting plants of different colors, fragrances, or sizes, and turn the empty, boring place into a beautiful one. Add some cute plants in unexpected places and remain joyful throughout the day.

Tip: Air plant, Baby toes are low maintenance, small potted plants which can fit anywhere in the house.

Window with a view

Windows are a direct source of sunlight which can help easy maintenance of the plant. Hang some green positivity in the living room or bedroom window. A perfect solution to make the room a healthy space and welcome some pure air. They can help enhance your view or help you relax better if you put your work desk near the window. A small pot with a hanging plant would be the perfect setting to improve the room’s vibes. 

Tip: String of pearls, Christmas cactus, spider plant that needs bright light and are good to go to keep the room lively and fresh.  Having indoor plants is a necessity in city life; they help change the pace of monotonous life and bring some joy, comfort, and warmth to your home. Purifying the air and removing toxins are some of the positive effects these small green lives can bring to your home, apart from being a great source of oxygen. They are a good source of positivity and overall well-being. Add a splash of green to your lives; with little care, you can enjoy a lush green, thriving environment at your home for years. We hope that these simple ideas will help level up your indoor gardening game.