Backyard Design- The Key Elements You Must Know About

Backyard Design

Are you fascinated by a luscious and creative backyard design? Well, you can also upgrade your backyard by incorporating these basic key elements. These elements include color, line, texture, scale, and form. Color and texture establish a rich vibe for the backyard. On the other hand, the line, scale, and form help to organize the place and add character to it. A perfect balance of each of these elements works to create an aesthetically pleasing backyard design. 

The color of the backyard

Color is the key element of any design. When choosing the color for your backyard, it is essential to consider the changing seasons. You can also choose to grow evergreen plants for a year-round green backyard garden.The line of the backyard design

Line contributes to the structure of the landscape. Flower beds, edges of a walkway, or the deck’s perimeter are some of the ways to define the line. Line can be used to control movement. You can also use it to highlight a feature like a pool or a firepit.

The texture of the backyard design

The texture in a design is added with a different variety of plants. Different textures of plants – hard, soft, rough, smooth, fine, coarse, heavy, light, etc. determine the texture of your landscape.

The scale of the backyard design

Varying heights of plants and other elements in the backyard make for the scale of your backyard design. You need to make suitable size choices for elements in your backyard for an appropriate scale. Take into consideration the height of your home and the available yard area before deciding on the scale of the landscape.

The form of the backyard

The shape of plants in your backyard decides the form of your backyard. The form varies according to the theme of the backyard design. For instance, you’ll need to regularly prune the bushes and overhanging branches for a formal theme of the backyard. A more natural landscape can have a flowing form of greenery.

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