Handy Tips To Make Your Homes And Indoor Gardens Better

Indoor Garden

Do you want to personalize a basic builder design, amp up your interior and exterior theme or renovate your place? Here are some quick tips to beautify your outdoor and indoor gardens.

Add boundary to your garden

You can try putting a fence around your garden for a more countryside appeal. While a solid boundary wall can be a cliché, there are more creative options that you can try. Timber, chestnut, or bamboo wooden fences are cheap and easy to install. Decorate the boundary with wood treatment, bright paints, or creepers. Choose the right plants for an indoor garden

A lot of indoor plants are excellent air purifiers, while they also add to your decor. Multiple plants are easy to find, look gorgeous with their lush greenery, and thrive on neglect. You can try Swiss cheese plant, devil’s eye, peace lily, rubber plant, snake plant, or croton.

Choose the right planters

The bigger the pot, the better! Plants require enough space to spread their roots. Also, small planters can make your room look cluttered. Therefore, get the largest size of planters that suits your outdoor or indoor garden.

Add character with flowers

You can add some color to your garden with some lovely flowers. Dot around the garden with flower pots or create a soil bed to plant flowers in your garden. 

Maintain your indoor garden

  • Remove any weeds
    Weeds compete with surrounding plants for water, minerals, and other resources. This affects the health of your plants. Make sure to pull out any weeds as soon as you spot them.
  • Prune overgrown trees and shrubs
    Pruning gives an entirely new look to your garden. You can hire a gardener to shape shrubs in your garden or try learning yourself through practice. Shaped shrubs are not just aesthetically appealing, but pruning is also good for the plant’s health.
  • Trim overhanging branches
    You don’t want your pets or kids to bump into overhanging branches while they are playing around in the garden. Make sure to trim overhanging branches regularly.
  • Get rid of dead leaves
    Dead leaves can make your garden look untidy. Trim dead leaves and collect them in a pit. You can use these to prepare compost for your garden.

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