Wall Decor Ideas You Must Try Out

Home Interior Design

Looking for some wall decor inspiration to spruce up your walls? Here are some wall decor ideas that will add personality to your walls and bring them to life:

1.    Large scale wall art

If ‘Simple is More’ is the rule you live by, large-scale paintings are something you should look for. Be it a portrait, a canvas painting, or a photographic print — large-scale paintings add luxe to your home.

2.    Art Series

An art series is a set of coordinated paintings. Ain’t a large-scale painting your thing? Finding a good wall art series in accordance with the theme of your home can be an excellent alternative.

3.    Favorite family moments

Hang some memorable moments with your family. Pick fun candids from the last trip, childhood photos of your kids or your pet’s funniest moments and frame them.

4.    Gallery wall

There’s nothing better than a gallery wall to beautify your wall. Pick a collection of photographs and arrange them for a balanced gallery wall. Fill empty spaces with other artefacts, wall hangings, or even empty frames.

5.    Mirror wall decor

Large decorative mirrors can create the illusion of a bigger room. Hang a large mirror or a set of framed mirrors above a cabinet or right above your sofa.

6.    Vertical garden

No home decor is complete without indoor plants. Pick some lovely indoor plants, bolt a few wooden shelves on the wall and load them with those pretty planters.

7.    Pressed plants

If bringing live plants in your wall decor isn’t convenient for you, try pressed leaves and flowers. All you need are some pretty plant parts from your garden and press them in a book for a few days. Now just frame these pressed plants and hang on your wall.

8.    Macrame wall art

Macrame wall hangings are a raging trend of the season. Minimalistic woven macrame hangings or wall tapestry add texture and coziness to the room.

9.    Wall sticker

Wall stickers are the cheapest way to add character to plain walls. Choose a sticker complimenting your mood and style and carefully stick it up on the accent wall.

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