Tips For Selecting The Best Paintings For Home

Paintings for Home

Paintings for home are an investment. And therefore, you would surely want to put enough thought before you buy one. Here’s a guide for choosing the best paintings for home.

What style do you want?

The first thing to do before you start your hunt is to assess the style of your place. Whether it be a bohemian, contemporary, artistic, or industrial theme, find a painting that complements the color and style of your house.What size suits paintings for the home?

There are just two things to consider when choosing the size of paintings for the home. First is the size of the wall. The artwork must be in proportion with the wall – not too large, not too small. Second, try to find a piece that spans almost the entire length of the bed/sofa/table you want to put it against.

Do you want your painting to be a statement piece?

A statement piece acts as a focal point in your room. Take note that a room can have only one focal point. It can be a statement art piece, a gorgeous rug, an attractive center table, or even some colorful furniture. If you have any such thing in your room, make sure that the painting you choose is subtle. If not, you can go with a stunning art piece that can grab every visitor’s attention.

Do you want one large painting or a set of art pieces?

Very often, you are left to wonder if you should buy one large artwork or a series of smaller pieces. You can choose the latter one for as long as the set still covers the span of your furniture. However, this factor majorly relies on the type of room for which you want a painting. This is discussed in the next point:

The right paintings for home

  • For the living room
    The living room is the most fun to decorate. You can go for a large canvas painting or a gallery wall.
  • For the kitchen
    Funny, joyful, and social prints can be placed on space above the cabinets or above countertops.
  • For the bedroom
    Bedroom art pieces should be tranquil and subtle, incorporating soothing colors and tones.

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