Mistakes To Avoid While Carrying Out Basement Renovations

The process of basement renovations is quite different from the maintenance of any other rooms in the house. Here are some prevalent mistakes to avoid while carrying basement renovations:

Basement Renovation

Immediately treat any moisture issues

A major threat to the basement environment is moisture. Every family has different basement needs, but there’s one thing in common – every basement is susceptible to water damage. Some leaks can go undetected for a long time. Make sure to check every inch and crack of the basement for leakages.

Check window frames

You don’t want rainwater to seep into your basement and spoil everything. Therefore, the windows of your basement should be structurally sound and sealed nicely.

Avoid wood-based flooring

Wooden materials begin to warp and rot in the presence of moisture. Hardwood and laminates can’t withstand moisture and act as a breeding ground for molds. Therefore, avoid any wooden furnishings in the basement.

Get a good floor plan

Modify your space to cover exposed furnaces, electrical panels, or plumbing lines. Also, avoid creating a cluster of rooms and keep the basement area as open as possible.

Make sure to comply with building codes

It is essential to comply with the established health and safety rules of the building area. Take care of the fire and safety regulations, governing restrictions about handrails, staircase, and treads.

Add soundproofing to basement renovations plans

A lot of your mechanical systems at your home are installed in the basement. Different sounds from these systems can be very annoying if you’re planning to transform the basement into an entertainment room. You can use soundproof padding or add extra space between wall layers to soundproof the area.

Don’t hide equipment

A common mistake that most people make is by hiding their equipment behind the walls. Make space to organize repair and maintenance equipment so you can quickly access them in case of emergencies.

Build suitable basement stairs

Basement stairs are generally very old, too narrow, or too steep. Include stairs in your basement renovation plan. Widen them to make them more inviting and safe.

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