Happy Chi, Happy Home: Feng Shui Home Design Tips for 2023

Feng Shui Home Design Tips tags, along with thoughts of finding the right color palette for our bedrooms or choosing a vintage wall clock to elevate the dining room’s charm. Yet, there’s another influential aspect that permeates the world of home design – Feng Shui (Feng Shui Home Design Tips). The ancient Chinese philosophy dances with the wind and water to induce positive chi and fill our living space with energy and holism. Embrace this transformative knowledge and read on to learn how to bid farewell to negativity and usher in prosperity to your home sweet home. 

Feng Shui Home Design Tips

Living Room

The living room is the heart of any home, where relaxation and socializing meet. Imagine a living room that embraces everyone with open arms. Feng shui enthusiasts have been perfecting their spaces for thousands of years, and you can too by following the home design tips listed below:

  • Don’t let the darkness take over when the sun goes down! Illuminate your space with strategic artificial lighting. Brighten things up during the day with natural light – those big windows and glass doors work wonders.
  • Air it out and let the sun work its magic. Opt for square or rectangular rooms to avoid collecting bad energy. Say no to low ceilings and let that energy flow freely with high ceilings and open-plan layouts.
  • The sofa is an essential centerpiece of our living room – position it for security and relaxation. Avoid beam overheads for a more comfortable experience. 
  • It’s crucial to consider the location of your living room – keep it near the front of your house for easy guest access.
  • Tidy up, declutter, and give everything a purpose – clutter has no place in the feng shui living room! Balance your home design with the proper layout; leave space for energy to flow and for you to move!
  • Now, bring in some art to set the tone. Choose pieces that inspire, uplift, and complement your color scheme.
  • Sprinkle in some green or blue for a touch of creativity and tranquility. Soothing yet inspiring hues like beige, cream, or light yellow for the walls will create a bright backdrop for your living room.
  • Finally, unleash the power of plants! They’ll liven up your space, purify the air, and even attract wealth. Please place them in the southeast or northwest corners for an energy boost.
Feng Shui Home Design Tips

Bedroom – Feng Shui Home Design

Embrace the art of feng shui, and curate your bedroom with love. Let harmony and serenity weave their magic into your haven of dreams with the expert-prescribed home design tips collated below.

  • Please keep your child’s bedroom clean and free from electronics, as their magnetic and electric fields disrupt sleep and weaken the immune system.
  • Ensure the bed is positioned in a commanding position for your well-being. Avoid adverse effects on relationships and health by placing your bed away from ceiling beams and fans.
  • Infuse balance into your bedroom with symmetry – from matching bedside tables to harmonious lamp placements.
  • Unleash the power of vibrant colors like red, orange, or red-yellow to ignite passion, success, and romance in your bedroom.
  • Embrace the softness of rounded and oval furniture in your home design, avoiding sharp corners that may disturb the chi focused on the sleeping person.
  • Freshen your bedroom with an air purifier, cleansing the air for a rejuvenating ambiance.
  • Bid farewell to clutter, the nemesis of qi flow. Embrace the “less is more” mantra and keep your space tidy to welcome a harmonious energy flow.
  • Avoid mirrors in the bedroom, as they may redirect energy and hinder your restful slumber.
  • Elevate your bed with legs to allow chi to circulate freely beneath, creating a healing nature of rest.
  • Enhance the fire element with scented candles, transforming your bedroom into a passion and warmth breeding ground.
  • Avoid footboards during home design (Feng Shui Home Design Tips) to maintain progress in life, but, if necessary, use them to block the door’s view from your bed.
  • Resist the temptation of under-bed storage to maintain free energy flow and minimize distractions.
  • Adorn your walls with art that inspires joy and serenity, evoking positive emotions as you drift into dreamland.
  • Keep water elements away from the bedroom, as they can quench the passionate fire energy.
  • Set the mood with soft and adjustable lighting, creating a calming energy for peaceful nights.
  • While plants have their place, it’s best to avoid them in the bedroom, as their active energy may disrupt the room’s calm essence.


Your culinary haven is a place where the magic of nourishment and togetherness happens. These feng-shui-approved tips can elevate the energy and whip up some positive changes!

  • Your stove is more than a cooking machine; it symbolizes your resources and career. Treat it like the VIP by placing it in the commanding position. 
  • More burners signify more prosperity. Don’t settle for a modest two-burner stove; level up your abundance game! 
  • Cooking is a state of mind, and a spotless kitchen sets the mood! There is no room for expired food and grime in your culinary haven. Cleanse the energy-sucking clutter and give your fridge and stove some non-toxic love. 
  • Broken mugs and plates are bad for aesthetics and energy. Bid farewell to them or, if you cherish them, embrace the Japanese kintsugi way – repair with precious metals. 
  • Salt isn’t just for seasoning; it’s an energy absorber! Banish negative energies by wiping down your kitchen with salt and water. Toxic chemicals don’t belong in your nourishment zone! Embrace green and clean with non-toxic cleaners – baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils are your potion for a happy, healthy kitchen!


Feng Shui is about positive vibes, good energy, and well-being through the symbolic elements of nature. Embrace, implement, and watch your home transform into a harmonious oasis. Remember, balance those masculine and feminine energies while planning your Feng Shui Home Design Tips, and go with the flow of the five elements. While consulting an expert is fantastic, you can still make a difference with some simple rearrangements, decluttering, and those lucky colors.