Best Candles for the Festive Christmas Season

Candles are an integral part of the holy festival of Christmas. Millions of candles of different categories, styles, aromas, etc., are purchased by people from across the globe to celebrate Christmas by lighting their homes. But decoration is not the only reason for illuminating candles in this holy season. Candles hold particular importance for Christianity in this season.

Best Candles for Christmas

Why are Candles Important for Christmas?

Many of us might think that candles lit every Christmas is to light up and decorate homes. But, there is a deep meaning of lighting candles during Christmas. This tradition of lighting candles comes from the ancient Jewish festival Hanukkah, also termed the Feast of Lights. The light of Candles marks the lights and rays from heaven, which provides warmth and happiness to the poor and helpless during frosty winters. These rays depict the birth of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. It is the main reason for lighting candles during the Christmas season, followed for centuries. 

Top 11 Christmas Candles for Lighting up the Homes 

Nowadays, people are pretty concerned about the themes and decorations needed during holy festivals like Christmas. An essential element of decoration during Christmas are the Candles and the Christmas tree. Here we will discuss the top 11 candles that will enhance the decoration standards of your homes.

Christmas Candles

Peppermint Bark-Hand Poured Candle

These scented candles spread an aroma of crushed candy canes and dark chocolate. The blended smell of these sweet ingredients lit up the festive moods during Christmas.

WoodWick Frasier Fir Candle

You can put the WoodWick Frasier Fir Candle on the dining tables or shelves. Burning time of approximately 120+ hours would allow the people to enjoy the aesthetic scent of the candle tree over a more extended period.

Brown Sugar & Fig Candle

The fragrance of coconut milk and musk, along with the touches of fresh fig, creates a cozy environment in the festive season of Christmas.

Winter White Candles

These white winter candles complement best with the snowy woods of the winter seasons. These candles are small, cute, and they smell like cypress trees with the touch of cardamom and citrus.

Snickerdoodles Candles

The Snickerdoodle candles smell just like holiday cookies. The flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, butter, cream, etc., allow people to feel the flavors of holiday cookies throughout the winters. 

Christmas Cookie Candles

These candles boast of a burning time of more than 150 hours. These candles spread a sweet aroma that resembles butter cookies baked during the chilly winter seasons. 

Elf Farts Scented Soy Candle

People often feel that fart-based candles might be stinky. But the Elf Farts Scented Soy Candles scents like home-baked sweet buttery cookies, which could freshen up the people’s minds in the festive chilly nights of Christmas.

Boulangerie Jar Candles

These are meant not only for Christmas but for all occasions. The sweet scent of these candles results from the touches of cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg. The Boulangerie jar candles are not holiday or festival-specific and thus are usable throughout the winters.

Baltic Amber Candles

The Baltic Amber Candles features under the list of most luxurious candles for Christmas available in the market. It scents like sandalwood and cedar notes packed in an exquisite quality container.

New York City Holiday Soy Candle

These fine-quality soy candles spread an aroma of cedar, pine, and holly berry. Users in the festive season could enjoy the magic of these soy candles and feel themselves sitting near the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Rustic Christmas Soy Candle 

The Rustic Christmas Soy Candle is a blend of freshly baked gingerbread and cinnamon. The combination results in producing an ideal aroma, which is perfect for festive seasons like Christmas.

All the candles mentioned above are among the best available in the market or global platforms during this festive Christmas season.