Amazing Design Ideas You Can Implement With A Coffee Table

Coffee Table

A modern designer coffee table can be a statement furniture piece in your living room. It is not just functional, but stylish enough to grab attention from everyone visiting your place. Looking for something more than just a surface to place your beverages? Here are some cool ideas that you can implement :

Simple and sleek modern-style

If you live by the rule that ‘Simple is More,’ modern designs speak simplicity. Try round or square-shaped tables with sleek legs and minimalistic details. Their clean surfaces make them a versatile piece to match with your decor and other furniture. Table with underneath stools

If you have hollow space under your table, you can place a set of stools or ottomans underneath it. Get the right size that smoothly fits under the table and is convenient to push in and pull out.

Adjustable height coffee table

Don’t have enough space for both a coffee table and a dining table? Just get your existing table fixed with adjustable height legs.

Coffee table with shelvings

Tables with shelves beneath them offer extra space to store random things. Be it the daily newspaper, the weekly magazine, or the book you’re reading currently. With a glass top, you can also use the storage to display a nice plant.

Expandable coffee table

Expandable tables are the latest innovation. There are shelves that you can slide-pull out of the table surface. It can offer more space to dine when you have some guests at your place. You can even get crafted a table with a surface that opens up to expose hidden storage. table with drawers

A slight moderation in expandable tables — tables with drawers — also offers extra storage. You can get some drawers fixed under your table from a carpenter and make it more functional.

Top display coffee table

For this, you need to get some cubbies fixed at the level of the surface of your table. Just cover it with a glass top for an even surface. People generally use such designs to display ornaments, artifacts, and fake plants.

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